Application Mail Agent (AMA)

Application Mail Agent (AMA) is a platform independent application programming interface (API) to manage messaging requirements within applications. Almost every business application has messaging needs where an application wants to deliver notifications or reports via email to customers. AMA with its powerful features provides developers all the tools they need for their messaging needs.  Consider AMA as Oracle's utl_smtp package on steroids.  Why let your developers spend time on writing code to send emails in every application, when AMA can provide the a much advanced functionality.

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Do I need AMA?

If your organization does any in-house Oracle development, you will benefit a great deal by using AMA.
In addition, if you use intensive file based operation like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you will benefit by the  bonus features included in AMA like file and folder monitoring.

How it works

Your application hands over the email content, its recipients, delivery information etc. to AMA.  AMA stores it in the database.  A background process processes the queue, packages the message, and delivers it to the mail server for delivery.  The background process also monitors watched folders for in or outbound files.  If the files are not received or picked up within the specified interval, the process notifies appropriate recipients.

  • Create email groups with recipients as to, cc, or bcc
  • Specify group’s properties of combining multiple messages as one, extensive options of delivery schedule, archiving, and privacy
  • Specify group’s limit on the size of the message
  • Send messages with attachments
  • Zip attachments
  • Monitor folders for incoming or outgoing files
  • Send alerts for files not picked up
  • Purge old files from folders
  • Unattended operation
  • Built for efficiency, speed, and reliability
  • Quick shutdown in case of emergency or planned maintenance
  • Operating System: AMA is supported on multiple operating systems including Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Linux, and most Unix based platform
  • Database: Oracle database 10g or above
  • Scripting: Perl 5.8 or higher
    Perl is a powerful, open source, cross platform, and free scripting language.
    On most Linux and Unix installations, Perl should already be installed. There are several distributions available for Perl on Windows platform. Active State and Strawberry Perl are the most popular Perl distributions on Windows platform. We recommend installing Strawberry Perl for AMA on Windows platform.
  • Mail Server: Any SMTP server. On Linux and Unix platform, SMTP server is most likely already installed. On Windows platform, you may need to install it under the IIS related services. If no local SMTP server is available, you can always use your ISP's mail server. AMA supports SMTP authentication.
  • Optional software: The packaging and delivery of the message is performed on the computer where database is installed. This means that there should be a mechanism for your applications to deliver the attachment files to the database server. If your environment is all Windows and all machines are within the same local area network, then network share folders are one of the best ways to drop files. For all other scenarios, your options are to use FTP and remote copy (RCP). Typically all Unix based installations have FTP and RCP services already installed and running. On Windows platform, FTP service gets installed as an optional component of Internet Information Services (IIS). For Windows platform there is an inexpensive third party product, RSHD/NT.

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