SMTP Trap, The SPAM Killer

SMTPTrap is a spam killer software. This spam blocker is feature rich. It acts as a proxy between your mail server and the Internet. It intercepts every incoming message and analyzes it based upon the rules setup by you. Our spam blocker is a server-based junk mail filter and works in conjunction with a mail server. Based upon the rules, the spam killer deletes junk emails rather than passing them to the mail server. This happens way before the messages are delivered to your inbox of your favorite email programs like outlook.

  • Blocks spam by MX lookup failure
  • Blocks spam by Reverse lookup failure
  • Allows certain IPs/domains based upon a list
  • Supports authenticated SMTP (RFC 2554) for your mail server's valid users
  • Blocks certain IPs/domains based upon a list
  • Supports muli-home mail server
  • Blocks spam based upon a sender
  • Blocks spam based upon receiver
  • Blocks spam based upon regular expression search in subject or body
  • Saves what seems like spam for further action
  • Runs as Windows service
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/2008 machine.
Price: Free

Download SMTP Trap